LINEA is an R library designed as an interface to accelerate linear regression modelling. Dashboard

The Dashboard is a Shiny app that analyses a's user's games.


GRID-GAME is a simple pacman-like game with a live leaderboard, all built in Shiny.

Letter Guesser

The Letter Guesser is a simple neural network, deployed using, that recognises letters.

Flask Scraper

The Flask Scraper is a Flask app that will scrape spcecific elements of a given website.


CRAN LOGS allows users to visualise and download data concerning packages of the R programming language.

Google Trends (lite)

Google Trends (lite) in Shiny allows for searching more than 5 keywords at once on Google Trends.


A notebook combining geopandas, shapely, folium, and the mapbox api for key GIS operations.